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Born and bred on the track. KLA has been making custom front strut bars for Porsche race cars and teams for more than 20 years. So just like Porsche in the old days, our Tech comes from the track. That is the easy part. Then our engineer finds a way to make the same tech work around AC lines, batteries, tubing, and wiring that is not always on a track car. So after 2 years of R&D we are proud to announce... The First and ONLY one of its kind 997 and 987 strut bar that fits and works without cutting but also allows all the covers to go back in place. No other bar on the market allows this! Sealed bearing rod ends ensure there will be no binding, a perfectly straight and center balanced rod ensures compression loads are equalized across the entire bar instead of focusing on a bend and flexing the bar, making it useless. Over engineered and comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. Unless you crash your car and break this, we will feel bad with you, and probably make you a deal for a replacement anyway.


Have you ever wondered why, during hard cornering, your car handles differently? Dedicated track car teams have discovered that this is due to the shock towers spreading apart at different rates. When this occurs, positive camber is induced in your suspension causing the car to handle poorly. To reduce this positive camber racers have put a strut brace between the shock towers to maintain the proper camber and equalize pressure across the front suspension. High speeds in our cars create a lot of downforce by design. These upper limit speeds also cause up to 1 degree of negative camber and start taking place at 80mph making the front end "feel" light and unstable. Its not light, there is a horse worth of weight on the front causing negative camber which in turn makes the wheel feel twitchy and light. A good strut brace ends this issue by not allowing the front strut towers to flex inward.


At KLA Industries LLC. we have developed a strut brace that not only eliminated this problem but also found a balance between weight, durability, and strength. We have finally reached the perfect balance of each. Mounting brackets are 7 gauge steel, laser cut, zinc electroplate for corrosion resistance. Bar is 6061-T6 aluminum for weight savings. Standard rod ends are zinc plated, chromate treated C1045 steel. Ball is 52100 bearing steel, heat treated, hard chrome plated. Bar and ends are left/right threaded so bar may be pre-loaded. We utilize no slots for bolts to slide. All adjustments are via the threaded ends. All hardware is grade 8 and included. These bars will not squeek or rattle and have an unlimited lifetime warranty. At KLA we do not mass produce. Every piece we make is put together by hand and must pass multiple QC tests before it ships. Whether it is a custom piece on a half million dollar race car or a street car that sits cozy in a garage. We are Porsche people, just like you and we hold a high standard on things working well and being right the first time. 


**Race Strut brace included- rod ends that are zinc plated, chromate treated C1045 steel with nylon inserts that are self cleaning and lubricating. If you need help or have questions about a custom product for 997/987 series race or GT cars please email us from contact.


**Also Fits select Boxster and Caymen models


Porsche 997/987/Cayman Apex/Race Strut Brace

Excluding Sales Tax
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