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Superior quality Porsche parts. It's what we do.

KLA was started in 2001 by two friends named Scott and Tom Charlesworth, who not only worked on factory Porsche race teams as a factory trained race tech but also drove professionally for 5 seasons, two Porsche nuts that wanted to share their love of all things Porsche and bring some specialty race parts to customers that couldn't be found anywhere else. 

 Preston, a longtime friend of Scott and Tom, got involved and is looking forward to expanding the product line and bringing a more streamlined system to our customers. He is a mechanical engineer who believes wholeheartedly in FD. Porsche's saying "it can always be better" 


We look forward to sharing our passion and desire for perfection that runs rampant through the Porsche community. And always remember..Keep the shiny side up, dirty side down.

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