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944/951 Harness Bar Install 

Step 1



18mm wrench and ratchet

22mm wrench and ratchet

9/16 wrench and ratchet

17mm socket for OEM seat belts

1 1/6 wrench for bar locknuts


Bars and bolt kit

Step 2


Install back bar first


Locate the phillips head black plastic plugs on inside panel of back seat rest. Remove them from each side. 

Open back glass for access

Lay bar in back of car with short rod slid together in the middle of the bar and pointed to front of car. 

Step 3


Use a 17mm socket to take off driver and passenger upper seat belt bolts. The plastic cover pops off by pushing up on both sides 

Step 4


Take one side of long bar bolt assembly off, pay attention to sequence when you remove. (You can refer to other side for order if needed) 

Step 5


Take the harness mount bolt and one of the large gold washers from the packet and screw it into the upper mount hold above the back seat. 

You want this bold hand tight at a 90 degree angle. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN

Step 6


Place rod end with 14mm large bolt going to toward back of car with one flat edge washer into the harness mount bolt. 

place other flat edge washer on back of bolt against harness mount bolt and put nylock nut on. 

use 17mm and 22mm to tighten assembly to 45ft. lbs

repeat for other side 

Step 7


Long bar can be adjusted by twisting to make it longer or shorter to get the exact fit. 

Once long bar is installed turn lock nuts all the way out and twist the bar counter clockwise until hand tight for pre-load 

Step 8


Take small bar end assembly apart, use one large washer from packet and harness bolt, put them through the upper seat belt mount hole

tighten to 15ft lbs (or hand tight plus half a turn)

Leave harness bolt at a 45 degree angle 

Step 9


Slide small bar over until you can get the large bolt into the harness bolt. Bolt goes down through the top (do not forget the flat sided washer on both sides of the harness bolt)

bolt and washer assembly is the same as the rear and the torque is 45lbs

repeat on other side

Step 10


Adjust small bars by turning bar clockwise and counterclockwise until the center mounts are an equal distance on back bar

it is up to you how close to perfect you want them. Use can use a tape measure for distance.

Step 11


Hold each mount point on the back bar level and tighten each bolt 45lbs on each mount, This will lock them on the bar 

Step 12


Turn each small bar counterclockwise for preload. Hand tight, then use the lock nuts on all the bar ends to lock the bars in place and you are finished  

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