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Front Sway Bar Bracket Support

KLA Industries has developed the front sway bar brace to ensure the sway bar is properly held during a  turn.  The sway bar is designed to control body roll by tying both front suspension components to the  frame.  When the body starts to roll the drop link allows body loading to be transferred into the sway bar.   This works like pushing a wheelbarrow with a single tire.  To keep the wheelbarrow level you have to apply   up and down pressure on the handles.  If it gets out of balance you pull up on the side going down and  ​push  down on the side going up.  The sway bar does the same thing.  The center shaft of the bar is attached to the frame in two locations and the ends are attached to the lower "A" arms through drop links.  When you enter a turn the body weight tries to let the side of the car on the outside of the turn to compress the suspension while the body on the inside of the turn try’s to lift.  The sway bar, being connected to the body and the "A" arms, work like the handles of the wheel barrel.  When the body tries to lift on the inside of the turn the sway bar holds it down.  It also holds the body up on the outside of the turn.  This induces twist into the sway bar keep the body flatter.


The front sway bar on the 944/968 is designed with the attach points being on the end of a long bracket.  This bracket has the possibility of flexing forward and backward in a hard turn.  If this bracket moves it will allow additional body roll in a turn.  KLA Industries has developed a bracket that will triangulate this bracket to the frame to prevent any movement during a hard turn.  The brace secures the mount points of the sway bar so it is held as secure as the rear sway bar.  This allows the sway bar to work as it was designed to work and allows it to maintain the body roll properly.

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